Forget Fillings, Scientists Just Discovered How To Regrow Full Teeth Using Lasers

Good news for all you taffy addicts and crystal meth smokers out there — a Harvard-led team of scientists has just devised a way to regrow teeth. If developed further, this technology could spell the end things like fillings and dentures, and even lay the groundwork for other regenerative procedures like wound healing, bone regeneration, and more.

Clever Kinect Hack Brings This Guy’s Full Body Into Virtual Reality

It’s one thing to bring your mind into virtual reality. Get some snazzy VR goggles in front of your eyes, bump the framerate up high enough — bam, you’re a good part of the way there. But bringing your body into the mix? Thats a whole different challenge. Crack that one, and you’ve got yourself a holodeck.

That Guy Who Built His Own Wolverine Claws? He Just Built Shoes To Walk On The Ceiling

Colin Furze of internet fame built shoes that magnetically let him walk across the ceiling, in honor of Magneto. Maybe it’s not quite as cool as full control over anything metal — but it’s still pretty amazing.

This Treadmill Lets You Walk In Any Direction

The Infinadeck is the world's first affordable omnidirectional treadmill that is designed to work both in augmented and virtual reality. This revolutionary device provides the missing link making it now possible to have a true Holodeck experience. You might say, "Reality just got bigger".

A Paralyzed Teen Will Kick The First World Cup Ball Thanks To A Robotic Exoskeleton

The 2014 World Cup begins next month in Brazil and will feature something truly amazing: the plan is for a paralyzed, non-ambulatory Brazilian teenager to stand up and kick the first ball of the first game using a motorized exoskeleton and special 3D-printed helmet.

Regenerating Plastic Grows Back After Damage

Professor Scott White discusses the research breakthrough that allows plastic to not only heal, but truly regenerate. Self-healing materials have been around for about a decade. But they have never been able to heal damage much larger than the width of a human hair. But now, White and his colleagues Jeff Moore and Nancy Sottos have developed plastic that can regenerate damage as large as a bullet hole. 

Inspired By Asian Body Pillows, A Mattress Designed To Prevent Bedsores


Chinese designer Horatio Yuxin Han has leveraged the design principles behind common Asian products to solve problems that afflict the less fortunate. His Unifold affordable shoes were inspired by the folding art of origami.

This Pocket-Sized Molecular Spectrometer Tells You The Chemical Makeup Of Foods

Tel Aviv-based startup Consumer Physics pulled the curtain back today on its first product: a tiny hand-held molecular sensor called Scio. The device, which Consumer Physics has launched a Kickstarter project for, would allow users to scan practically anything –foods, drinks, pills, plants, and more– and get detailed information on the object’s chemical makeup in just a few seconds.

Conductive Polymers - More Than Meets The Eye

We have been taught that plastics, unlike metals, do not conduct electricity. Plastic is used as insulation around the copper wires in ordinary electrical cables. Yet, the 2000 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry were rewarded for their revolutionary discovery that plastic can, after certain modifications, be made electrically conductive.