About Us

Growing up in the 20th century there was always the promise of a bigger, better and brighter tomorrow, filled with new technologies like flying cars, hover-boards, and cities in the sky. Fast forward to today, and all we have are broken promises and the promise of even more promises! We at Lockett Technologies look forward to single handedly changing the course of history and making the world you see in the movies, a reality. Yep, it's a big job, but somebody's got to do it.

As an advanced technology, product development company, we at Lockett Technologies intend to bring about a technological revolution; not just to turn a profit on this year's product model. Our business is intent on creating yesterday's “World of Tomorrow” Today, not eventually. Most manufacturers spend too much time making subtle changes to a product to capitalize on gains. Take the automobile for example. How long will we settle for mere changes in body design, gas mileage, and entertainment options? Why not introduce real changes to how we commute like getting rid of the traditional dashboard and introducing an integrated virtual heads up display which gives you real time stats about location, vehicle performance, road conditions, potential hazards, alternate routes, current speed limits, nearby law enforcement and providing infrared visual assist for driving at night, in the fog, or in a blizzard? What about the old antiquated horn? How about a preprogrammed message system which instantly alerts a single driver or all drivers in the immediate area of a road hazard or pending situation? At the current pace, modern technology will continue to resemble past technology well into the 22nd century.

At Lockett Technologies, we are committed to revolutionizing the world by pushing past the current limits of technology, while changing long held paradigms of mediocrity, held by other companies, as to what can and cannot be achieved. Lockett Technologies is resolute on establishing itself as an industry leader, setting the tone and the pace of all technological advancement. Lockett Technologies is determined to change the world of technology. We at Lockett Technologies optimistically look forward to a bigger, better and brighter tomorrow; because we will be the ones taking the lead to usher it in. Why are we so confident, it's simple, because at Lockett Technologies...