LIX - The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World

Lix 3D pen enables you to doodle in the air. This professional tool offers you the comfort and pushes your creativity to another level. Little Things Can do Bigger Ideas. Lix Pen is the new era of communication.

Want to create what you imagine? How about writing and drawing without paper? Writing and drawing in the air is now possible with LIX, a 3D printing pen! This extraordinarily professional tool will challenge your deepest creativity

The Next Evolution in Audio Technology, Invisible Speakers

What if in the future, air molecules could be reverberated using photons (particles of light) to create audio out of thin air, in any localized position. Imagine how that would effect holography. We are already able to excite air molecules to give canvas to photons for holographic display to give the appearance of an image floating in mid air; what if we could make that image now talk?