Taking A Little Time Out To Have Fun, Being Creative And Otherwise Dream.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could control the effects of gravity? Then wouldn't it be equally amazing if we could use that technology to fly, like a type of gravity drive?

Sometimes it’s fun just to daydream and imagine different possibilities. This brings out an interesting point. I believe that, if necessity is the mother of all invention, imagination is the father of all invention.

Could One Man Really Make A Difference And Change The World?

I would change the world if given the chance. How? At the turn of the century there were forces at work that would have given you and everyone else under the sun the ability to have free energy for all of their appliances. Imagine just plugging a light bulb into the ground to get it to work. Imagine not having a electric bill at all. Nikola Tesla, was the man who would have made it happen, if he were rich.