Could One Man Really Make A Difference And Change The World?

I would change the world if given the chance. How? At the turn of the century there were forces at work that would have given you and everyone else under the sun the ability to have free energy for all of their appliances. Imagine just plugging a light bulb into the ground to get it to work. Imagine not having a electric bill at all. Nikola Tesla, was the man who would have made it happen, if he were rich.

If Tesla was rich and didn’t need to get money from men like Westinghouse and JP Morgan, then the world would have been an amazingly different place. This is important to you because of one major reason, this can still be your future. If the right people or at least just one person can become rich, they can make a positive change in the course of history. Now you might think that just one man can’t be that influential, but I beg to differ.

Nikola Tesla’s inventions changed the whole planet and ushered in the technological age, Albert Einstein changed the world of physics and has laid the groundwork for many scientific breakthroughs since, not to mention Henry Ford’s assembly lines, The Wright Brothers airplane, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and Thomas Edison’s light bulb, just to name a few.

I have plans on how I might change my little corner of the world, but who knows, maybe my ideas might be more influential than that.

Thanks for reading,

Louis Lockett