True 3D Technology Emits 50,000 Dots In 3D Space

This True 3D display technology, developed by Burton, uses a laser to creates luminous points of light at desired locations in air or underwater.

This system is an evolved version of technology co-developed by AIST and Keio University, first announced in 2006. It works by focusing laser light, to produce plasma excitation from the oxygen and nitrogen in the air. The researchers state that this is the world's first technology to show pictures without the constraint of a screen.

"Most current 3D devices project pictures onto a 2D screen, and make the pictures appear 3D through an optical illusion. But this device actually shows images in mid-air, so a feature of this system is that it enables 3D objects to be viewed naturally."

"This system can create about 50,000 dots per second, and its frame rate is currently about 10-15 fps. But we're working to improve the frame rate to 24-30 fps."

In this demonstration, to make the system more compact, a green laser is shone into water from below. But if a laser source with higher output is used, images can be displayed in air. A color display can also be achieved by using a combination of red, green, and blue lasers.

"As the first application for this, we thought of digital signage. Also, because this system makes 3D objects look natural, it could be used for analyzing 3D objects, and if its precision can be improved, it could be used in healthcare, too."

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