That Guy Who Built His Own Wolverine Claws? He Just Built Shoes To Walk On The Ceiling

Colin Furze of internet fame built shoes that magnetically let him walk across the ceiling, in honor of Magneto. Maybe it’s not quite as cool as full control over anything metal — but it’s still pretty amazing.

So how does it all work? Appropriately, it all relies on absurdly strong magnets.

Strapped to each of his feet is an electromagnet (ripped from the coil of a microwave, in order to save a few bucks). Each magnet has a long cable attached to it, a button on which releases the magnet’s hold and allows him to move his feet independently.

My favorite part: apparently, building the shoes was the easy part. Figuring out how to walk upside down without faceplanting or wrecking his legs? That’s a different story. He released a separate video just to show the effort that took:

Don’t worry! He puts down a pad to catch him if he falls, which, spoiler alert, he immediately proceeds to fall and miss.

The main pre-requisite if you decide to build a set of these for yourself: crazy core strength.

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