TouchPico: Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen

The TouchPico is a compact, Android PC with a built-in projector. This isn’t your regular projector, though, the TouchPico projects a touchscreen onto any flat surface, which makes it perfect for presentations, education and, of course, entertainment. Projectors are cool. They take something that’s normally small or constricted and blow it up to 100 times its original size. Traditionally, projectors have been very clunky and unimaginative. But, thanks to technical innovation, engineers have shrunk processors and chips into a very bite-sized package. We now have tiny smartphones, and now pocketable PCs.

TouchPico is simple. Once you turn the device on, and after a quick calibration process (similar to what is experienced with traditional projectors), it’s ready to go. A built-in infrared camera simulates the touch input from the screen being projected. The projector is smart; it’s able to track the stylus’ movements, making it compatible with all standard Android apps.

Think of the TouchPico as a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a built-in projector. Seeing the device in action is truly impressive. It’s amazing to be able to play Fruit Ninja on a huge screen with no restrictions. Even better, educators (especially homeschoolers) can benefit from Android’s huge catalogue of educational apps to supplement any curriculum. Road warriors can also benefit from the ease of use and size of the TouchPico, it’s extremely easy to boot up the device and demo a project, present a PowerPoint and so much more. The possibilities for this thing are truly endless.

We’re most interested in the entertainment aspect, though. Imagine being able to screen Netflix onto a wall in your room and not limiting yourself to your HDTV. TouchPico is packed with the latest technology, too. It features an SD memory card slot so you can expand the storage, built-in WiFi, an HDMI output, wireless mouse support and audio output. Besides the dual-core processor that packs a punch, it runs the latest version of Android. Because TouchPico supports any native Android app, the device also offers many opportunities for developers, too.

We wish technology like this existed 10 years ago. It really would have made us feel like we were living in the age of “The Jetsons.”

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