Welcome To The Future...

Lockett Technologies, Inc. is a product development company in the Metro Detroit Area. As of 2022, our research and development team is currently focused on the creation of a working antigravity system. These systems are based on an exciting new model of how gravity works. When disconnected from the limitations of Einsteinian gravity, otherwise known as Einstein's Theory of Relativity, antigravity systems became an easier pursuit. Based on this new gravitic model of the universe, our team has designed an antigravity engine and construction is currently underway. Lockett Technologies is poised to usher in the next phase of future technology. In the creation of advanced technologies, as well as our unwavering commitment to you the consumer to offer superior quality products, we hope to quickly establish our company as the standard bearer of technological innovation for years to come.

Our short term goal is to make a name for ourselves in the marketplace as a major innovator and pioneers of new technologies through the purveyance of antigravity systems. Our initial product offerings will include hover conversions of existing vehicle lines, including trucks, recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

Our long term goal is to integrate our systems into newly developed and advanced modes of transportation, while reinvesting heavily into the development of new forms of communication devices, photonic interfaces, home automation and new energy production and distribution technologies. As a company our humanitarian efforts are focused on better approaches to nutrition and medicine with a commitment to finding cures to man's diseases.