Welcome To The Future...

Lockett Technologies, Inc. is an high tech product development company in the city of Detroit, MI. Our company specializes in advanced handheld and wearable accessories for cellular phone, tablet computers and other portable computers products. LTI is ready to help you gear up for the future. At LTI, our line of unique products as well as our unwavering commitment to you the customer to offer superior products, will quickly set our company apart from others, and send us well on our way to becoming the standard of technological innovation for years to come.

Our short term goal is to establish ourselves in the marketplace as a major supplier of high quality handheld and wearable accessories for cellular phones and tablet computers. We also offer a wide variety of other related accessories. Our initial line includes case designs compatible with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy product lines.

Our long term goal is to become the leader in pioneering advanced new technologies, while continuing to offer superior quality products and services.  Our research and development focuses on advanced modes of transportation, communications, photonic interfaces, home automation and new energy production and distribution technologies.  As a company our humanitarian efforts are focused on better approaches to nutrition and medicine with a commitment to finding cures to man's diseases.